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DeskplantTM is a state-of-the-art technology that combines an embedded mechatronics system, reusable construction blocks and a high fidelity simulation technology into a unique platform that offers a fun, hands-on and insightful experience in chemical engineering education.


The ability of the DeskplantTM to offer an interesting experience in chemical engineering teaching built upon its decades of expertise in chemical engineering, automation and information technology. The aforementioned system allows students to have first hand experience to build their own “plant” and gain better understanding on process dynamics, safety and controllability when all the pieces (equipment) are putting together.

The DeskplantTM targets different training needs at various levels:

  • The Basic Level focuses on basic construction of chemical processes, understanding the associated process dynamics and how to perform manual control to startup or shutdown the plant. During the operation, students can interact with the monitoring dashboard (installed on a tablet PC) to have a glimpse on the resulting process dynamics.
  • The Advanced Level includes automatic control elements (such as Distributed Control System or DCS) on top of that in the basic level. This allows a more realistic training in terms of plant operations. Typical operations include startup, shutdown, handling of equipment/instrument malfunctions, various scenarios such as emergency shutdown, mode changes and etc. In addition, student’s performance related to the plant operation can be evaluated using the built-in evaluation function. In industry, the DeskplantTM can be adopted to enhance the Operator Training Simulator (OTS).

The DeskplantTM currently offers a number of pre-built models currently grouped into Distillation Family and Reactor Family.

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Interested to know more? Feel free to download the Deskplant product brochure here or write to, our representative will contact you shortly.