Smart Surface Inspection


Web Ranger System

The Web Ranger is an optical surface inspection and defect classification system that provides a total quality solution for products produced in continuous webs. The highly modular design allows the system to be tailored to any application based on web width, web speed and defect size (resolution) requirements. The incorporation of smart cameras with embedded processing resources enables the system to provide 100% inspection of the material and rapid, accurate detection of defects.

The Web Ranger is developed by Wintriss Inspection Solutions, Ltd, a subsidiary of California-based Wintriss Engineering Corporation. GTEx is an authorized agent of Wintriss Inspection Solutions Ltd in Malaysia.


The Web Ranger is equipped with a powerful classification engine that able to quickly and accurately sort the defects into user-defined categories to aid in production quality control and process improvement. All defect data can be viewed in real time and is also stored n a comprehensive database for subsequent review, analysis, reporting and archiving.


  • Refine and improve process
  • Improve quality
  • Accurate grading of rolls
  • Generate roll reports
  • Automate Pass/Fail of sheets
  • Maximize yields
  • Identify incoming roll problems
  • Provide information for downstream efficiency

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