Q: What can the combination of first principle model, reusable construction blocks and simulation technology bring to chemical engineering education?

A: MORE FUN and BETTER INSIGHT! Now you can find all these in one package – Deskplant(TM). The Deskplant(TM) comes with a set of commonly used unit operations such as heat exchanger, distillation tower, pump, separator, valves and etc so that students can have first-hand experience in building up their own “plant” with a digital twist. The digital technology that embedded in the physical models allows the 3-way direct interaction among students, physical model and process simulation platform. The Deskplant(TM) can be seen as a scaled down dry plant for education and training.

Interested to know more? We will conduct a roadshow in Penang, Malaysia in July 2018 and feel free to contact us if you would like us to organize one near your location too. Stay tuned!

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